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The Medical Incident Technician (MIT) course is an intense training program developed to provide immediate care in emergency situations. The course was first developed after the tragic passing of Andy Palmer during the Dutch Creek fire, and has an NWCG IQCS code of N9070.

This communications and leadership course focuses on medical training and scenarios to teach participants how to respond appropriately to medical incidents during emergency situations. The MIT course covers topics such as stabilization and transport, standards for care, wilderness medicine, communications, assessment and treatment of medical and trauma patients, decision making, and more.

The MIT course is intended for individuals with little or no background in medical training who are looking to enhance their communication and leadership skills, learn life saving skills, and gain confidence in managing stressful situations.

Successfully completing the MIT course provides participants with communication and leadership skills as well as the ability to respond appropriately to medical incidents that happen within greater incidents (like a fire).

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