Wilderness Medical Associates International

WMAI Courses are taught by instructors certified by Wilderness Medical Associates International, and are taught using specific WMAI curriculum.  These courses provide a certification issued by WMAI which is required by some organizations.

Medical Incident Technician

Medical Incident Technician is a curriculum of ETS Consulting.  MIT courses follow the Standards of Practice as defined by the Wilderness Medical Society Guidelines, CoTCCC, and ILCOR/AHA (for CPR/AED).  This curriculum is specialized to different industries to provide for maximum coordination of materials and training, and is taught by instructors that have specific domain knowledge in those industries.  The curriculum is reviewed and overseen by a set of medical directors and is regularly revised in response to updates in the medical field.

Chris S.

Our deputies responded to an injured hiker in the mountains.  They performed an assessment and stabilized an ankle injury with a splint.  Rescue helicopter arrived and flight medic determined that treatment was appropriate and sufficient to allow the stabilized patient to be loaded and transported to hospital without him (because of weather and altitude there was a weight constraint).  The receiving physician also commended the treatment performed.  Thanks to ETS for providing training to our deputies, allowing them to assess and stabilize patients in the backcountry and reducing the risk to search and rescue operations.