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Embrace The Suck…

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Have you ever wondered why we use 29.9 to represent our company, ETSC? It might seem like just a random number, but it actually has a deeper meaning. At our company, we train people for the harshest conditions and environments, and we want our students to recognize that once the situation already sucks, it cannot get worse. So, let me share with you the story behind our unique number.

It all started with a marathon sticker. One of our founders has a sister-in-law who is a marathon runner. She was proud of her accomplishment and had a sticker with the number 26.2 on her car. However, she became offended by the people who made fun of marathon runners.

In response to this, our founder decided to create a parody sticker that read “29.9”. The number refers to the 29.9 inches of mercury at vacuum, which means that anything below that “sucks.” It was a humorous way to poke fun at his sister-in-law’s love of marathons and to remind everyone not to take things so seriously.

At ETSC, we took this concept and made it our company ethos, and that is actually what our initials stand for: “Embrace The Suck Consulting.” Our training is focused on preparing individuals to tackle the toughest challenges and environments. We teach our students to embrace the suck and push through the tough times, knowing that they will come out on the other side stronger and better prepared.

Our number, 29.9, has become more than just a joke or a parody of marathon stickers. It is a symbol of our commitment to excellence and our belief that no matter how tough the situation may be, you can overcome it and come out even stronger.

So, whether you are a customer or a student, when you see the number 29.9 on our materials, remember that it represents our dedication to helping you overcome even the most challenging situations. Even when things seem tough, and the situation sucks, remember there is always a way through it.

In conclusion, 29.9 is more than just a number for ETSC. It is a symbol of our commitment to excellence and our belief that you can overcome even the toughest challenges. So, the next time you see our logo with the number 29.9, remember that we are here to help you “embrace the suck” and come out even stronger.

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