Learn the necessary skills to evaluate a stuck vehicle and determine what is needed for a safe and efficient recovery. This 8-hour class will take you from zero knowledge (beginner) to a solid understanding of the basic concepts of vehicle recovery. While you will not come out of this course able to lead a team, you will have the foundational knowledge to be a solid supporting member of a team. You will also have a strong sense of the safety aspects required to operate an effective vehicle recovery.

The focus will be on recreational vehicle recoveries and you will learn to recover a vehicle in a safe and efficient manner using the least complex method available based on the assessment of the situation. Basically, you will learn to evaluate the situation and apply the simplest fix for the problem.

We will cover “vehicle dynamics” which is basically understanding your vehicle. We will review common (and some exotic) types of recovery gear and discuss the applications and usages of those components. Self-recovery will be discussed and you will learn tips and techniques to manage situations where you don’t have another vehicle immediately available. Safety is a major component of all recovery operations and will cover spotting and communications in depth. Towards the end of the day, we will discuss complex recoveries and work through some problems.

Off-road Recovery 101 is an entry-level course taught by an experienced professional with an instructor rating from the International 4-Wheel Drive Trainer’s Association. The class will be a mixture of classroom training with hands-on demonstrations.

Students will be provided with the minimum required safety equipment (leather work gloves and eye protection).

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