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Are you an experienced off-roader looking to take your skills to the next level? Our advanced Offroad Recovery Class is designed for those who have already mastered the basics of vehicle recovery and are ready for more challenging scenarios.

Our scenario-based training will simulate complex recovery situations such as non-functioning wheels, winching on steep inclines, and extricating vehicles from deep mud or snow. You’ll learn advanced techniques such as double-line winching, high-lift jack usage, and how to use kinetic ropes safely.

Our instructors are experienced trainers who have encountered these challenging situations firsthand. They will guide you through each scenario, providing personalized coaching and feedback to help you master the skills needed to recover a vehicle in any situation.

The class is conducted in a safe and controlled environment, allowing you to practice these advanced techniques while minimizing risk. We also emphasize the importance of risk assessment and decision making when faced with challenging recovery situations.

Not only will you gain valuable knowledge and skills from our Advanced Offroad Recovery Class, but it’s also a great opportunity to connect with other experienced off-roaders who share your passion. You’ll get to exchange tips and stories while learning from some of the best in the business.

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